Baker Hughes Florence manufacturing plant


GE Oil & Gas-Baker Hughes


Structural design, work supervision, construction site safety




3.7000 sqm

End of projects


Renovation and extension works on company canteen at Nuovo Pignoneā€™s historical factory in Florence (acquired by Baker Hughes S.r.l.) have been developed in subsequent phases, starting from the enlargement, going on with seismic reinforcement up to the whole renovation that gave a brand new look to the interior spaces. A wide glass surface on main faƧade lets natural light go through the dining hall and, in addition with a new reinforced concrete canopy, gives the building a new appearance. The new structural grid repeats the grid of the existing building. A new structural span, with a 4 meters overhang, was built next to existing ones by a seismic joint. In addition to extension works, seismic reinforcement of structures was also achieved by strengthening foundations of pillars and by adding upwind elements made of reinforced concrete.