Project details

Architectural and Structural Design, Facilities Design, Work Direction | GPA Built area | 22.000 sqm (4.400 covered surface)


Brick-Kiln Bagiardi


| Coop. Edile La Castelnuovese



San Giovanni Valdarno


22.000 sqm

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GPA Project involves the restoration of an old factory, converted in a residential complex.

The project intention was the preservation of the old building with its own characteristic charm.

Along with the renovation GPA has projected and built new residential buildings in the surrounding area. Their style and architectural language is in keeping with the old main buildings.

GPA’s aim was to keep the balance between old and new, evoking the old charm in the new facades, using more new and technological materials.

The result is a good example of industrial architecture, within an area of 22.000 m² divided in 4.400 m² of cov­ered surface separated by 66 residences.