Competion for Azuni educational institute in Sassari


Provincia di Sassari


Competition award winner in 2019


Azuni, Sassari


12.000 sqm

End of projects


The competition aimed at requalification of two existing buildings in Sassari, one in 4 Rolando street, the other one in 6 De Carolis street, each of them housing a high school focused on classical culture and music. 

Basically the guiding principle of the competition was to establish a connection between architectural design and teaching and to promote urban renewal as a natural consequence of cooperation between the educational institute and the community.

GPA’s proposal for both buildings preserves interior spaces and enhance them in term of quality, in addition it manages a new planning for vertical connections between levels. A new hierarchy of functions as per the new use of every buildings and a calibrated succession of public spaces and private ones is also part of the project. Design is based on anti-seismic principles and environmental sustainability, and innovative building materials and plant engineering are part of it.