Credito cooperativo bank, San Giovanni Valdarno (AR)


Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Valdarno


Architectural, structural and interior design, MEP design, project management, safety and work supervision


San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo)


1.500 sqm

End of projects


The new headquarter of San Giovanni Valdarno Credito Cooperativo Bank was realized through the transformation of an obsolete building complex dating from the XIX century. Ten years later another project gave birth to the final functional company’s arrangement by regenerating an old factory building, later on used as cinema and offices, that raised at the back boundary of the bank property. The renovation upgraded the old building to a new static and functional efficiency: a new metal frame rises up from an underground level to a two-storey height, as well as to the top of the building. The existing roof frame is replaced by new curvilinear beams made of perforated steel strongly characterizing the interior space. The project is aimed to accuracy and simplicity: full transparency of surfaces and see-through mechanism are key points. The new renovated building houses the board of management and a 150 seats auditorium.