“Indiano bridge” reinforcement and structural restoration


Comune di Firenze


Final proposal drawings, work supervision




End of projects


The “Indiano bridge” construction in 1978 was a relevant point in the urban development plan of Florence.  Adriano Montemagni and Paolo Sica, architects, took care of architectural and city planning aspects whereas Fabrizio Miranda, engineer, conceived the inventive structure of cable stayed bridge with a two hundred span. In 1995 structures monitoring disclosed stays faulty performances due to the beginning of corrosion, and four years later the pedestrian way suspended beneath the road bridge collapsed.  Structural reinforcement and renewal works, performed in two allotments of contract, included the repair of the pedestrian walkway, the restoration of the covering protecting the stays, the replacement of all bearing devices and the repair of all leaks to prevent water infiltrating scaffoldings and antennas. In addition, detailed inspections were carried out on every metal structural element.