Block of flats in San Giovanni Valdarno


Arco Costruzioni


Structural and architectural design, MEP design, work supervision


San Giovanni Valdarno


End of projects


In a long and narrow plot with relevant restrictions due to infrastructures, the project for public housing speaks the language of contemporary architecture, but it also shows deep roots in the place and strong bioecological principles. The shape of the buildings, only three-storey high, comes from the repeat of an elementary cell of six flats, with different layouts and never having straight north-south exposure. The building, a typical condominium along the main road, has got particular ends and crossings to the car parks at the rear.  The façade’s pattern, made of overhangs, voids and loggias, aims to the quality of living and reminds of traditional architecture thanks to the use of local materials. These are also used for high performance in term of energy saving and for recycling attitude: building becomes in this way a really sustainable practice.