“Human”, Antony Gormley at Forte Belvedere


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Structural Design for statue fixing




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GPA took part to the fitting of “Human”, the exhibit of artworks by the English artist Antony Gormley, that was set up between April and September 2015 at Forte Belvedere, the 16th century bastioned curtain wall 

on top of the San Miniato hill in Florence.

The exhibit consisted of one hundred human shaped cast-iron sculptures, around 600 kg weight each, placed in the outside area of Forte Belvedere (bastions, staircases, terrace) and in the rooms inside the fortress.

GPA handled the design of the fastening for each sculpture by using invisible fixing element, having as less impact as possible on the historical structures of Forte Belvedere and making sure that all the artworks would have been easily carted away at the end of the exhibit.