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Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni , Arezzo


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Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni is a tiny medieval village in the Tuscany country side. It was evacuated in the ’70s because it was too close to an excavation area. All the lands and the buildings were expropriated. Only in recent times, after many geological studies of the soil, the parish has been declared in good condition, therefore it can now be used. Fortunately the most characteristic building survived at the abandonment. 

GPA took care of the restoration of the antique village and the extension of the new parts, since the first stage of the master-plan, which has resulted the old center coming back to life. The center, including the council hall, the church and the older residential buildings have been preserved and transformed into a leisure center with a museum and other community facilities. 

GPA’s intervention involves new infrastructures, new buildings and streets for resident and tourists, along with the re-establishment of the historical center.