New Buddhist Cultural Center


Monastero di Chung Tai Chan onlus in Italia


Architectural and Interior design, Structural and MEP design, work supervision


Campi Bisenzio, Florence


4.930 sqm

End of projects


In a focal point of the Florentine Valley, The New Buddhist Cultural Centre will raise in a residential repetitive context with relevant infrastructural axis at the borders. The aim of the project is to combine symbolism and languages of Zen philosophy with modern architecture themes. The sensible research of a synergy creates an harmonious complex of buildings: blocks dedicated to study and meditation strongly remind Buddhist style and also include a symbolic pagoda, whereas parts for services are characterized by a modern style, free from restrictions. A big central hall and two small ones are the core of the study and meditation area with offices also included. The reception, with a loggia and a flat terrace roof, works as a connection between the ritual blocks and the hospitality area where are a canteen with kitchen, a library and rooms both for hosts and for Spiritual Teachers.

The project binds Buddhist representative and symbolic language with modern architecture themes by using a uniform pattern of colors and techniques, in order to let the new complex have an harmonious relation with the context.