New Florence Court Building




Structural and architectural final proposals, work supervision, safety supervision




126.000 sqm

End of projects


The project of the New Florence Court Building, a real urban landmark, went through a complicated and long-time sequence of events starting in the Seventies up to the beginning of the construction phase in 2000. The final proposal project dealt with the design of a multiform and colossal building, 76 meters in its maximum height, made of 15 different wings disconnected one from another but all related to an┬á horizontal functional layout. The focal point of this architectural complex is the space under the big glass surface next to the galleries. Every choice of the structure design comes up from a constant debate with the architecture of spaces, from multilevel frames to reinforced concrete stands shaped by sloping fa├žades, to mixed steel and concrete structures suitable for outstanding spans. The balance of technical, economical and planning aspects allowed the construction of a building which is a last, disputed gift from Leonardo Ricci to his own city.