Emergency medical center


Azienda USL Toscana Centro


Structural and MEP design and direction




18.000 sqm

End of projects


The work, throughout subsequent phases, comprised the reconversion of the Tuscan Orthopedic Institute into a high specialty District for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. The project, inspired by functionality, efficiency and humanization of sanitary space and, at the same time, modeled after the Tuscan tradition of architecture for healthcare, accomplished a real brand new civil architecture episode.

The sanitary complex, made of separate buildings variously located and constructed in various time, from a comb shaped block built in the ’80 s and recumbent on the hill slope to the historical Villa Santa Margherita, has been involved into a deep functional reorganization. Upgrade of structures, plants and compliance to buildings code was also part of the process. The new building for the emergency medical center and the power station block have been wisely added to the rare beauty of the historical landscape.