New Building for Laborary and lecture halls


Università degli Studi di Cagliari/ C.M.S.A. Società Cooperativa


Structural and MEP design, Safety project coordination


Monserrato, Cagliari


End of projects


The new building, holding University Research Center and science and medical departments, is a parallelepiped block lightened by the way the land approaches it and by its main façade overhang. 

Materials and features of facades, colored patterns at courtyards and  harmony with green areas are keys for the architectural projects that is consciously involved in the creation of quality for spaces. Building technologies, in term of structures and systems, are pointed to sustainability, innovation, energy saving and cost and time management. Thanks to prefabricated concrete structures at the heads of the building and wood panel of X-LAM technology in the core of the building, the construction activity was fast and mainly dry. A huge amount of shafts and inspectable panels both at ceiling and at walls makes implementations easy and rapid.