Development plan “Le Fornaci”


Consorzio “Le Fornaci”


Architectural and Structural design, urban road network, infrastructures and hydraulic works


Impruneta, Florence


58.222 sqm

End of projects


Development plan “Le Fornaci” was born to renew an area in Impruneta after bricks and terracotta tiles manufacturing plants moved to a more suitable place in the district. The area is located south of the small town and has got both urban characteristic and an high value rural and forest surrounding. Two historical  routes, already existing before the beginning of XX century, enclose the area which is narrow and long shaped and has got a downward remarkable vertical drop.

The project proposed by GPA reduces built area percentage, mainly intended to be for residences but also for commercial and services. Buildings are included in the urban area and, partly, existing volumes are re-used while the new ones are softly integrated in the landscape by adapting to  the downward slope of the area. The project focuses on a balance between buildings and open spaces, forest and rural landscape.

The new urban road network, having a fixed slope, keeps the woodland unchanged, creates a link between the two historical routes and harmoniously takes part of the rural surrounding.