San Giovanni di Dio Hospital at Torregalli


Unità Sanitaria Locale 10c Firenze


Structural design




14.000 sqm

End of projects



Due to the new requirements and to the sanitary organizational set-up, in 1999 a plan for enlargement of the San Giovanni di Dio Hospital is put into effect. The project involves the construction of a main distributional tunnel linking the existing building with three new ones. The new wings are perfectly integrated in the environment thanks to the external upper covering, curvilinear shaped, that brings a touch of green in the roof and are intended to be the a new single item coherent with the existing building.

The structural pattern of the enlargement was born by a project integrated with architecture and took care of requirements of aesthetics. The structural grid, made of free-standing units, is regular, with minimum overall dimensions and strongly flexible so that systems can take advantage as well.

The new entrance hall, a see-though volume with huge glass facades, has got steel structure that is a part of the geometrical horizontal and vertical formal pattern.